Job title: Insight & Performance Manager
Job type: Permanent
Emp type: Full-time
Industry: Digital Marketing
Expertise: Customer Analytics & Insights
Salary: GBP £50,000.00
Job published: 07/06/2022
Job ID: 33865

Job Description

Permanent | Remote | £50k

A major charity that supports children, young people and families is looking for an Insight and Performance Manager to identify and rationalise key data and information required to drive growth, service performance and corporate effectiveness across the organisation.

The role will involve leading the analysis, businesses information and selections functions within a multi-disciplinary team of data specialists and embedding business information as a distinct standalone function within the charity. This includes facilitating colleagues to ‘surface’ the key questions and deliver actionable recommendations that offer real measurable value to the charity and deliver analysis of internal activities in relation to income and engagement.

You will be responsible for publishing and presenting new insight in intuitive and easy to interpret formats, ensuring key stakeholders have access and understanding of key organisational information in relation to performance against strategic and team-based objectives.

The role will also be responsible for delivering timely marketing selections and managing the transition towards planned supporter journeys, ensuring the effective contact of supporters in ways that adhere to compliance regulations.

The successful candidate must be prepared to travel to other locations throughout the UK, occasionally staying overnight.

Main Responsibilities

Strategy and planning

  • Deliver team strategy and plans that respond to different directorate strategies and requirements for analysis and insight.
  • Deliver a clear plan for the ‘Visualising Insight’ strand of the Data and Impact corporate workstream, ensuring this is kept up to date and clearly communicated to stakeholders.
  • Keep up to date with sector best practice to feed into and champion data policy and strategy and ensure these are interpreted and communicated.

Team management

  • Manage the day to day operations of the Strategy and Insight team including flexible and responsive resource management.
  • Line manage, supervise, support and quality control the work of the team.
  • Manage the review of campaign performance, supervising methodology, coaching in analysis techniques and guiding interpretation of results.
  • Where needed, implement new process and systems for planning and organising the work of the team.

Business information

  • Develop and embed a Business Information function; creating robust processes for information delivery, measures of success communicating with stakeholders about their needs and schedules for delivery and being the go-to person for this work area.
  • Coordinate a process to define key performance indicators for teams across the charity, including Income and Engagement, Services and Corporate Information.
  • Develop and publish measurement frameworks (on PowerBI) that report on directorate and team performance across the organisation, to measure progress against strategic objectives, providing narrative and insight to inform key stakeholders of position, opportunities and risks.
  • Ensure delivery of accurate, focussed reports to highlight issues of concern and opportunity, presenting findings in a business context, graphs, tables, scenarios and supporting evidence.
  • Coordinate training and support for colleagues so as they can make best use of PowerBI and the Business Information function.
  • Support the Head of Strategy & Insight in making recommendations on forward looking activity or use of resources as appropriate to maximise returns on investments.
  • Continue to test accuracy of frameworks to ensure stakeholders have the best information on their performance and position.
  • Test and develop innovative ways of presenting data to engage and motivate colleagues and improve organisational understanding of data and insight.


  • Work with key internal stakeholders to assess how analysis can support and enable their strategic plans, interpreting and predicting their requirements. With a particular focus on enabling teams to understand the key questions they need to answer to drive performance and growth.
  • Coordinate and manage team to undertake analysis to answer priority questions, delivered as accurate and timely insight and actionable recommendations, being proactive in finding opportunities to generate income and minimise costs.
  • Ensure that the team delivers insight that has impact and value, including embedding frameworks to measure and monitor this.


  • Based on a thorough understanding of business requirements and the benefits we want to achieve, design a programme of data selections to maximise the impact of our activities and to fulfil key stakeholders needs.
  • Ensure team planning of the campaign management of a variety of fundraising campaign data selections using the CARE and MS Dynamics databases and FastStats.
  • Manage and implement database queries from Income and Engagement teams. Provide direct support to the directorate by compiling and running non-routine queries, reports, selections and outputs including data profiling and modelling work.
  • Innovate to ensure that we are constantly improving how we deliver supporter communications, e.g. embedding delivery of supporter journeys and use of marketing automation.


  • Develop information management processes and ways of working to optimise the quality of the data the organisation holds around engagement of its supporters.
  • Work to improve data capture practices of staff leading to improvements in quality and volumes of supporter data.
  • Extract and use data from all available internal and external sources, working closely with our Strategic Insight team, working towards a single customer view of all customer data inputs.
  • Third party relationship management.
  • Exploration, management of selection of third party suppliers.
  • Strategic management of third party relationships to ensure maximum impact on ability to generate income & engagement.
  • Satisfy reporting requirements (internal and external).

Gift Aid

  • To maximise Gift Aid income and ensure full regulation compliance for designated area of work by identifying opportunity, responding to regulation changes or recommendations, implementing quality control and supporting and developing colleagues.

Key relationships

  • Director of Strategy & Governance and Head of Strategy and Insight who will have oversight and approval of assignments.
  • Director of Income and Engagement, IEMT who will input into assignment scoping and prioritisation.
  • Director of Services, SSMT who will input into assignment scoping and prioritisation.
  • Head of Governance & Improvement who will draw on top level KPIs for governance reports.
  • Impact Measurement & Evaluation Manager who will be a key colleague in development of the organisation’s performance culture and frameworks.